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Click on one of the links below or on any part of the picture to access online help for that topic. (Note: Most pictures in the help file are clickable and will allow you to get better-targeted information.) You can also download a pdf version of the complete help file here, and view some overview videos on our Video page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to speed up my scans?

How can I get rid of the tips that pop up while I am moving around the form?

Select Preferences in the Options Menu, then uncheck 'Show Tips when hovering over controls'.

Can I export my scan results to TeleChart?

Yes, you can select Export Scan Results from the File menu or right-click on the results table and select Export List to TeleChart.  Another (less direct) method is to first save your results in the Names Only (txt) format, preferably into your TeleChart directory.  You then open TeleChart , and import this file into TeleChart using the Import Symbols from List command in TeleChart's WatchList menu.  If you want to import the list into a new WatchList then first use the Create new WatchList in TeleChart's File menu.

How do I scan the results from another scan?

Use the Scan Results command in the File menu.  This allows you to either scan the last set of results produced or a list of items in a text file.  The former is quick, but replaces the old results list with the list from the new scan you run, so if you want to keep it, first save it and then run the scan on it.  The latter option can be used to scan previously saved lists of stocks.

How do I change the colors in my charts?

Right-click on a chart and select 'Change Colors' from the right-click menu.  To change colors/line types for user-drawn objects select the object then 'Adjust Selected Object' from the Edit or right-click menu. 

How can I stop the startup screen from showing? - I just want to go straight to the main form.

You can't.  The startup screen only shows for as long as it takes TCScan+ to connect to TeleChart.  The time it takes to connect depends on the speed of your machine, and what other programs are open at the same time.  However, even on a fast machine it will take a few seconds to connect - this is the nature of how programs link under the Windows operating system.

Do I have to pay anything or give you my credit card number to try out TCScan+ or CorrelScan?

No. The trial is completely free, all you have to do is register, after which you will be sent a code allowing access to the download page. 

I've reformatted my hard drive / updated Windows and now when I start up TCScan+ it says I am a Trial user, even though I have purchased it.  What should I do? 

Just send us your software code again as per the instructions at and we will send you a replacement unlock code.  Please include your name and, if possible, your purchase date to help us verify your purchase.   

I have TeleChart running on two machines - can I purchase one copy of TCScan+ and run it on both?

Yes, as long as the same TeleChart user number is used for both machines you can use your copies of TCScan+ and CorrelScan on both of them.

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