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Please click on the buttons below to download the latest versions of TCScan+ and CorrelScan.  You can also click the appropriate links to find out the latest program changes and to obtain installation instructions.

Important: If you already have a copy of TCScan+ or CorrelScan on your machine, then remove it before installing a new version.  (To remove it, click Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs)


Version: 2.6.7,  Released: 12/18/11 (See Changes.)


Alt Download

File Size: 6,216,192 bytes



The standard, fully searchable TCScan+ help file is included in the above download.  However, a version in pdf format for easier printing can also be downloaded, at the link below.  To open the file in your browser, left-click the button.  To save it to your hard disk, right-click the button and select 'Save Target As' (in Internet Explorer) or 'Save Link As' (in Firefox or Chrome.)

PDF Help File


Beta Version  (3.0 B, Released 1/1/12)

Please click the button below to download the current CorrelScan Beta version.

Download Beta  File Size: 5,528,064 bytes


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