Click on one of the links below to access some overview videos of TCScan+ to help you get started.  More advanced ones will be added shortly.  For further help and information you can review the online help files, which are a duplicate of what you will find in the program's help files.


Video 1: Analyzing a stock or index

Video 2: Scanning lists of stocks or indexes

    Section 1: Settings overview

    Section 2: An example scan

    Section 3: Reviewing results

    Section 4: Adjusting trendline settings

    Section 5: Saving results / running a scan on previous results

    Section 6: Charting options

    Section 7: More example scans

Video 3: Getting Help

Video 4: Example pattern scan

Video 5: Example Channel scan (includes back-testing)

Video 6: Creating your own pattern scan (best viewed at 1280 or higher resolution - here is a smaller, though lower quality version.)


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